Registration Certificate no: 550/07.06.2023 

by National Library

Registred CERom No:437497  Global Register of Publishers 

Business Office Address: No 6, V.G. Paleologu Street, 48B-3-15, Craiova, Romania, 200231, Tel: +40 770 336758

  • RITHA Publishing’s main purpose is to create valuable contents to help scholars' community progress and achieve measurable results disseminated through scientific journals and book series.

  • RITHA Publishing House is the publishing tool of Research, Innovation and Technologies – Hub for Academics (RITHA) which is a space for all higher education professionals, scholars and other parties with an interest in research, innovation, technologies, policies, processes and good practice in academic environment. In addition to providing quick and easy access to relevant publications, it also has concerns about training and development opportunities.

  • RITHA Publishing House addresses academics, researchers, practitioners, policymakers and others who are deeply interested in intellectual debates on theory and practice or advances and challenges for understanding important societal functions, influencing a huge number of policies and practices.

  • RITHA Publishing leverages emerging trends in the industry through a hybrid business model that combines traditional and digital publishing, open access, and personalized content delivery. This approach maximises reach and engagement by utilising both print and digital formats. The hybrid publishing component includes continuing to offer print versions of books while expanding digital formats to include e-books, catering to the growing demand for accessible and portable content. Additionally, implementing a print-on-demand (POD) service will reduce inventory costs and waste by producing print copies only when ordered, ensuring sustainability.
    The open access model is applied to journals, allowing end-users to access content without subscription fees. Instead, revenues are generated by charging article processing charges (APCs) for publication. These fees may be covered by the author, the author's institution, or the research funder, helping to cover the costs of peer review, editing, and distribution. This model is particularly effective in ensuring broad accessibility while maintaining high publication standards. Beginning with 2024, the Research, Innovation, and Technologies - Hub for Academics (RITHA), will cover the Article Processing Charges (APCs) for papers that are reviewed and accepted for publication. This support comes through editorial grants funded by the Hub.

  • RITHA Publishing are committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics. Our Editorial Policies, Ethical Standards, Peer-Reviewing Policies and Publisher Duties sustain the combined efforts of authors, editors, editorial boards, and reviewers to produce responsible research publications in any forms of content as: articles in Journals, chapters in Books, books in Series; Monographs, Conference Proceedings. More than these, all our Publication and Editorial Policies are based on COPE’s Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines, however RITHA Publishing House will continue to make independent decisions based on our existing policies and principles.

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